The charming and compassionate setting, the adaptation and individualism of your ski sets will make you enjoy unforgettable amazing moments.

Experience an environment where beginners, wakeboarders, skiers, and elite competitors live together in all simplicity and all work together towards one common goal: having fun!

Vincent Soubiron and his team have managed to create an environment where people can share (and exchange) their experiences on and off the water.

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  • 2 days ago Roméo still 10 yo just ran 4@22 off at 36mph / 58kmh #realmanspeed #thatkidrocks http://t.co/yMGY7I9xYk
  • 2 days ago Getting ready for a hot and busy busy day :) #forecast32C #warmestcityinthecountry #indiansummer
  • 3 days ago Oh yeah Austin it s time too work with a beautiful Indian summer out there #forecast32C http://t.co/cUY0e8NAr2
  • 10 days ago Let's start that busy day! Awesome day http://t.co/3E4Tm20O8O