ski camp

We offer customized and individualized training sets for skiers from beginner, intermediate to professional levels. Our lessons are 1-on-1 and we also help you out off the water in any way we can to offer a more complete and better waterskiing experience.
If you don’t have your own equipment, don’t worry we have all of Connelly’s full range of equipment at your disposal included in your package!
Ski camps are from Monday through Friday generally but we are flexible and we will try to fit your desires as much as possible. Also 2 days ski camps are available mainly during the weekend, but depending on the week schedule we can try to find a spot for you during the week as well!!

During the week ski camp have the priority over skiing club members.
A FFSN membership is not mandatory but advised for ski camp.

waterski lessons

We offer 2 types of Lessons. We have regular’s lessons of about 10 to 15 minutes and professionals fine tuning lessons that are more intense.
No matter what lessons you choose you will be provide of a 1-on-1 session on and off the water. You can pay by lesson or you can buy a book of 10 lessons that will give you a discount. Also full equipment will be provided in the case you don’t have your own, included in the rates.
The new Master Craft Tournament level with the latest version of the Zero Off tows our waterski lessons.

wakeboard / wakeskate Lessons

We coach wakeboard riders from beginners to intermediate levels. The averages of wakeboard sets are from 15 to 20 minutes and are towed by a Master Craft X7.
You can practice your new tricks on the trampoline on site, and we also provide the wakeboard range from CWB.
Wakeboard weekly camps are also available to improve your skills!

bachelor parties / seminars

You want to surprise your friends for their Bachelor party and make them live a great experience? Book with us for that special moment! You can choose from waterski, wakeboarding, wakeskating or tubing to have fun!
We organize special Company events such as Seminars and Team building approach through the sport. You can come with your own manager, your own corporate coach or we can provide you one. We have a Pro waterski coach or a Pro athlete that willexplain you on how aiming goal works in sports, and in another hand a corporate coach that will make you the analogy in between sports and the business in regards of performance, leadership and self esteem.
Tell us about your thoughts and we will get back to you with the formulas that suit best.


Coaching clinics only

Have Vincent Soubiron come to your site for a minimum of 2 days to coach you. Vincent does not surpass 25 sets a day so that he is able to focus on each skier individually and has time to listen and respond to their questions and needs.

Connelly clinics

Have Vincent come with the brand new range of Connelly skis, from beginners to top of the line skis. You will get the chance to demo every ski and boots, also he will set up the skis that fit you the best.

Whole package clinics

Get coached by three people at once! Have at the same time Vincent, a professional Personal trainer, and a Pro skier help you out on and off the water!
That team will evaluate your skiing level, your physical capacity and will share with you the pro experience. At the end of the week you will get your waterski and physical planning that will bring you to a higher level!