Thomas Niola

Date of birth: 20/07/1991 French

How did you hear from Vincent Soubiron ski school: When I started to ski I was looking up on 3 talented kids that were my age and were kicking ass and they were training with Vincent Soubiron. Those kid were Sacha Descuns, Theo Fernandez and Arnaud Bardy. So my dream was to join the team.

What do you like in Vinney's coaching : He is always trying to get the best out of you and push the limits beyond your own expactation to make you be better on and off the water; not only in skiing, also to be a better person. He also has that particularity to always fine tune something just special for you and the ability to turn a bad habit into a strong point.

Your Highlights : 2009 Junior Worlds Champion Bronze Medal - 2005 U14 Europeans Vice-champion - Many times (too many actually) 2nd at Nationals behind my Team mate Sacha Descuns - Open Nationals Bronze Medal - FISU Worlds Championships 10th.

Your Personal Best : 3.5 @ 10.75m (39 off)

Your best waterski moment : The Junior Worlds in Peru

Your worst waterski moment : Nationals in 2008 in Espiet when I didnt made the finals when I was supposed to be 2nd behind Sacha, again hahah

 What do you ski on : Trying new skis at the moment

Your social medias : Facebook : Thomas Niola - Snapchat : Thomasfacl

Your sponsors : Vincent Soubiron ski school

école de ski nautique et de wakeboard Vincent Soubiron ski school, située en Midi Pyrénées Haute Garonne, sur la commune de Seysses à 15 minutes de Toulouse centre ville.

Les disciplines pratiquées sont  le ski nautique, le wakeboard, le wakesurf, le wakeskate, le surf, les bouées, le slalo, les figures, le saut, le kneeboard, le paddle board