Sacha Descuns

Date of birth: 05/02/1992

How did you hear from Vincent Soubiron ski school : My dad was skiing with Vincent before I got to ski. As soon as i started to get out of the water in mono ski I started to train with Vincent and my first slalom courses.

What do you like in Vinney's coaching : He taylored totally my technique from scratch, focusing first on my legs movements for the 2 first years and then based my technique with my eye movement. He made my technique unique that fit totally my needs including my snowskiing background.

Your Highlights : 2018 Open European champion - French Malibu Pro Am champion - Nemours Pro Am 3rd - Swiss Pro Am 3rd - running 1@9.75m (43 off) - Junior Worlds and Jr US Masters champion - Multiple U14-U17-U21 Europeans champion

Your Personal Best :  1@9.75m (43 off) 

Best European Rank : 1st 

Best World IWSF Rank: 2nd

Your best waterski moment : Running 1@9.75m and winning Europeans

Your worst waterski moment :  2 ankles injuries in a row 

What do you ski on : Connelly GT-r

Your social medias : Facebook : Sacha Descuns - Instagram: sachadescuns

Your sponsors : Connelly - Reflex - Aide - Camaro