Pierre Cesinski 

Date of birth: 26/02/1972 Switzerland

How did you hear from Vincent Soubiron ski school :  Back in 2010, I was looking for a coach with whom I could establish a long term relationship knowing that magic doesn’t occur on a week-end and that getting better in a long term perspective will take time, a lot of time and efforts. It’s even more true when you are living 800km away from your coach! Anyway, Patricia Garcia del Barrio, a close friend of mine, and waterski official told me I should give it a try as she was amazed by the work Vincent did with other skiers. As always, I listened to her and I’m more than happy ;)

What do you like in Vinney's coaching :  Everything! First he doesn’t try to mold you to a stereotype skier. You have a lot of coaches out there telling the same to everybody or want to build the same ideal skier. That doesn’t work that way. First of all every body is unique and have a unique set of physical abilities as range of motions for example. Secondly, each skier, specially when you first meet your coach at 38 years old, has a past as skier, habits that are deeply anchors in your way of skiing, stuff you can’t change, or the energy and effort needed to change it will not worth it. Vincent is very well aware of all these aspects and have a unique approach with everybody. There are a tons of other important aspects as for example, he learns you to listen to what you are doing on the water. He makes you think, analyze what you feel. This is an extremely difficult exercise as slalom goes so fast, but that’s really important specially when you have to go back home and ski on your own.

Your Highlights :  2017: Ranked #4 on the +35 IWSF World Ranking List and ranked #2 on the +45 IWSF RL. 2018 +35 Europeans Vice-champion - 2017 +35 Europeans Bronze medal -  2012: First on the 35+ European Ranking and 9th World - 2010: Bronze medal at the 35+ European

Your Personal Best :  3@10.25m (41 off)

Your best waterski moment :  There are different types of feeling I am chasing. Sure, I am happy when I perform in a tournament but when you have these few training sets during the full year when you are skiing very well and you see that everything is possible, when you feel the ski carving underneath your feet and tracing the perfect path, this is really priceless.

Your worst waterski moment :  Try not to remember them. Even if you try to prepare yourself the best you can, there is always times when things go not has expected. I think it is important when it happen, to minimize it, turn the page and rebound.

What do you ski on :  Mapple

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