Garth Milicich
I ski on a 2015 Vapor Radar with double Connelly Fogman Stealth bindings
My highlights: making the USA waterski mag cover. 
My personal best is 5@10.75 with a lot more to come! 
My favorite waterski moment was competing at the moomba masters on front of a huge crowd. 
My worst water ski moment was falling early at the moomba masters. 
What I like about Vincent's coaching: I like the way that Vincent can watch you ski, see how you use your body is working (where you are strong and where you are weak), then pick one major point that is most effective. 
In short, it's personalized. You don't learn the same theory as every other skier, your learn what is best for you.
How did I hear about Vincent's ski school: when I started skiing at Swiss ski school in Florida he had a great reputation. He had a few students he was training at Swiss. 
Sponsors: Radar, Wakeye