Name: Edoardo
Surname: Berio 

nickname : Edo
Age: 16 
Date of birth: 18/07/1995
Slalom P.B. : 3@11,25 58
Trick P.B. : 5700
Jump P.B. : 48.50 m


Europeans slalom champion U17

4 times italian jump Champion

once italian slalom champion and once in overall.

Hi, my name is Edoardo I'm from north of Italy at Orta's lake. I started  
skiing at 7 years old in Omegna at my home with my dad. He also was a skier so 
I have ski with him for one year and after I started skiing in Recetto with 
Gabriele Falcioni until 2 years ago before skiing with Vinney.
I like water ski because it gives you a lot of opportunities to go around the 
world, know new people and have a really good time; certainly this is not easy 
because you have to train a lot and make many sacrifices! But i like it, is not 
the usual boring life. 
I hope to do water ski for a long time yet !!!!