Name: Claudi Quera Age: 22
Country : Spain
Status: single
Studies: Civil Engineering
Personal Best: 3@10,75
Records: Under 21 record of spain, with 3@10,75


- 2nd of Catalonia slalom Open
- Spanish champion of slalom. Open
- 2nd of Spain under 21
- 2nd of Catalonia under21
- 11th Europeans under 21
- 7th in European ranking under 21
- 11th in World ranking under 21

- 2nd of Spanish nationals Open
- 2nd of catalonia nationals Open
- 2nd of Spanish nationals under 21
- Catalonia champion under 21
- Skied in Russia Worlds Open
- 10th in worlds under 21
- 10th in europeans under 21


How did you get started in waterskiing?

I started ski when i was 5 years old and i was skiing during summer for 4 years untill I started to compete. All began in Sant Pere Pescador(Spain), because my parents knew Pep Mill which was my first coach. The problem started when the ecologists closed the river. Then i had to move on for skiing and Cristina de Medrano told me about Vincent Soubiron. So I tried to ski there, and I am so happy to ski for this Team and I improved a lot.