Benjamin Morel

Date of birth: 08/08/2001

How did you hear from Vincent Soubiron ski school : I already knew some skiers of his Team and I heard about him during some competitions 

What do you like in Vinney's coaching : Vinney's coaching is for me the best I could get. He takes the time and patience to explain me well and Vinney believes a lot in me.

Your Highlights : I have been National Vice-champion many times, and got qualified for the Jr Worlds and Europeans which I finished 2nd at prelims. The goal when I joined Team Soubiron in 2017 was to catch up with the Jr World class level which I did by ending #8 and even #6 in the IWSF Jr RL. The lack of international experiences took a toll on me with a lot of pressure but this is what I have to focus on now in 2019 :)

Your Personal Best :  1@10.75m (39 off) 

Best European Rank :  6th

Best World IWSF Rank: 8th

Your best waterski moment : I think my best moment is when I got to compete at the Worlds Jr championships which was my first international competition ever!

Your worst waterski moment :  a few years ago when I broke my ankle in training a few days before Nationals

What do you ski on : Connelly

Your social medias : Facebook : Benjamin Morel - Instagram: ben.ml58_waterskiing









école de ski nautique et de wakeboard Vincent Soubiron ski school, située à 15 minutes du centre de ville de Toulouse. In a family oriented atmosphere, be part of a worldwide known facility that helped skiers from all around the globe. Get the chance to hang out with some skiers super stars and share their experience and have a lot of fun with them. Connelly skis, CWB, Proline, waterskiing