Ambre Franc


Date of birth: 23/05/1991 French

How did you hear from Vincent Soubiron ski school : I met Vincent Soubiron when I was younger and he was the trainer of two other skiers skiing in the junior  French ski Team with me : Sacha Descuns and Thomas Niola. I later learned he was also the coach of other famous skiers champions : JB Faisy, Kate Adriaensen,...

What do you like in Vinney's coaching : Vinney is one of the best coach I've ever seen because he does not only take care of me while skiing, he also help me out about everything else such as physical training, nutrition, mental, etc.. Also, he always listen to my needs when I'm training and support me anytime during my preparation. 

 Your Highlights : -2018 Open Europeans Vice-champion - 2017 Open Europeans Vice-champion - FISU WORLD Slalom champion 2016 - Bronze Medal at the  Open Europeans Championships 2014 in Slalom - Silver Medal at NCWSA 2014 - Bronze Medal at Open Nationals 2014 - Ranked #2 on the Open Europeans Ranking List and #8 in the World RL - Open Worlds in Chile 2013 : #8th place -  Open Europeans Championships 2012 : 4th - 2 times Europeans Champions Junior and U21 - Junior Worlds Vice-Champion 2009 - 6 times Nationals Champion in Junior and U21 - Silver Medal at Jr Masters in 2009 and Bronze in 2008 - European Record holder in Junior with 5.5@11.25m

 Your Personal Best : 4@10.75m (39 off)

Your favorite waterski moment : my Bronze Medal at the Europeans Championships 2014 because I've placed #4th for the past 2 last Europeans, so stepping up on that podium made me feel so proud !

 Your worst waterski moment : I broke my ankle at the US Masters in 2009. I was so happy couple weeks before as I got the news I was going to compete at my first Open Worlds in Canada. When I got back home after the Masters, the doctors told me I would have to stop skiing for the next few months and then miss the Worlds, I gor really depressed ! 

 What do you ski on :   Reflex boots - GOODE XTR

Your social medias : Facebook : Ambre Alexandra Franc - Twitter : @ambrefranc - Instagram : @ambreski

Your sponsors : Goode Skis - PKB Gloves - FFSNW - Vincent Soubiron ski school


école de ski nautique et de wakeboard Vincent Soubiron ski school, située en Midi Pyrénées Haute Garonne, sur la commune de Seysses à 15 minutes de Toulouse centre ville.

Les disciplines pratiquées sont  le ski nautique, le wakeboard, le wakesurf, le wakeskate, le surf, les bouées, le slalo, les figures, le saut, le kneeboard, le paddle board