Garth new exercise video

Here is another video of our New Zealand's skier Garth Milicich, showing more basics core exercises.Those tips will help you in slalom, tricks or any events towed by a boat. We have made a series of videos that are now available, and the following ones are advanced ;) !

enjoy those exercises and meet us at Vincent Soubiron ski school, in Seysses near Toulouse in France.

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter notre nouveau Team sponsors, les salles de sports Movida

12 salles entre Toulouse et Montpellier, de multiples activiés, des équipements de très haute qualité et de grands professionnels. 

Vous croiserez donc nos Team skiers qui iront se préparer dans les différentes salles. Ce mois ci nous ferons quelques vidéos d'exercices chez Movida et seront disponibles sur le blog. 

This is a video edit I made for Connelly back in 2009 starring 2 of my Team skiers JB Faisy and Sacha Descuns. I shot everything with a high speed video camera, 210 fps. The file was so big, 2.9 GB that I wasn't able to upload it. I found that video back and I want to share it with you as there is awesome moments of technique.

Senior Tour Clinics dates

English version below

Hello tout le monde, suite à la demande de différentes dates de Clinics pour le Senior Tour, nous avons établi un calendrier qui nous espérons conviendra à vous tous. La météo est catastrophique dans ce début de saison, et il va falloir travailler dur pour rattraper les entrainements!

Voici les dates proposées :

Wakeye additional new products

The Wakeye device has put up on some new products. This is a great working device! Wether you slalom by yourself and want to see how you ski or you want to send your footage to a coach, the wakeye is made for you! I work everyday with it and it's awesome. This will allow you to improve your slalom, working on new tricks or just edit cool videos.

Find out more about the shock tube boom adapter and also the Galaxy Samsung holder.