Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great summer and a great time on the water! This week at Vincent Soubiron Ski School we decided to honor our ladies!! A lot of people think of water skiing as kind of a rough sport and not exactly something for most ladies. But they are wrong and this week's videos will prove it by showing interviews with some of the women that come and ski at Vincent Soubiron's Ski School. Waterskiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone at any level and here is the proof!!

As promised, here are a few more advanced variations of core exercises we have covered in previous blogs. First thing to remember with every exercise is BREATHE! With core exercises, it's all about 'how' you are using your core. Don't rush in to some of these exercises before you can do the basic variation every day with good, controlled technique. Remember to breathe, and mix it up! Try to vary the speed of each exercise without ever losing your control of the movement. Also, vary the rotation of each exercise.

Put each exercise in a different order every time you work out!

Our lake #2

Here are some pics and videos of our lake #2 we shot this week end. For the story, that day we had a really strong wind blowing from the west and our lake #1 was pretty devasted that day. As you can see on the lake #2 it was a miror ! You can see couple videos of Sacha too, we shot to prepare a video to show how good the Prophecy Connelly 2013 is awesome!

Come and ride with us, we are not scared about the West wind anymore ! We are even thinking about organizing a tournament on this lake as it is so great to ski.