Junior Worlds in Peru Jan 2015

In January 2015 in Peru, were held the 2014 Junior Worlds at the beautiful Bujama Lake. I was very excited to go back there with a team, as the Cugglievans' family hosted the same Junior Worlds in January 2009. Back then, we got there with our Team of 3 skiers that did awesome : Sacha Descuns got the Gold, World Junior Slalom Champion, Thomas Niola after a beautiful 2nd place in the Prelims, still got the Bronze medal in Slalom, and Theo Fernandez got the Bronze in Tricks and perfomed a PB. Both Sacha and Theo also got Team-Vice World Champion.

Connelly Paddle Board

We recieved the Connelly SUP at the fall season and since then we can't stop using them. They are absolutely great ! 

Order yours at www.connellyskis.com 

We will have some paddle board at the ski school this summer for you to enjoy. Connelly is putting itself as a leader in the SUP, they have so many of the kind and they really rock!

have a look at the pics and how we enjoyed this winter :) Florida's lakes are just perfect for paddle board. Austin and even my Dad enjoyed so much :)