I just got back from my nationals this weekend and starting training hard already for Europeans coming up in a couple of weeks!! Nationals was a success to say the least! Got 4 gold medals, tricks, slalom, jump, and overall!! It was nice to go home for the weekend and see everyone again!!! That's the one thing about nationals!! You don't go for amazing skiing conditions and even less for the nice weather (cause there never is nice weather) but you go for the people!! Skiing in Belgium is always a trip back to memory lane and it's always fun standing on the podium with your mom!! Yep she skied, and yep she made the podium! Anyways, while I got four golds at my nationals, the rest of Vinny's team didn't do too bad either! I might have lost count somewhere, but in total we won over 20 medals!!! The sweetest performance of all I think goes to Romeo Laverton, our youngest addition to the team who is 8 years old and tricked 2690pts!!! He just killed his competition in the under-10 category!!! Close second in top performances must have been Nikolas Plytas who is still under-17 but beat everyone in Open and tricked a new Greek national record at his nationals!!! All by all the whole team had some sweet performances and now it's back to TRAINING!!! Everyone is back at ski school and we're all getting ready for the next big event. Nationals was fun, but now it's back to work :)
Oh and BTW, check out the sweet t-shirts my mom and I are rocking on the pictures!!!! Yep we've got shirts for sale!!!!