#TBT video of JB Faisy and Sacha Descuns

This is a video edit I made for Connelly back in 2009 starring 2 of my Team skiers JB Faisy and Sacha Descuns. I shot everything with a high speed video camera, 210 fps. The file was so big, 2.9 GB that I wasn't able to upload it. I found that video back and I want to share it with you as there is awesome moments of technique. Have a look on how those 2 dudes have symetric turns, how they are able to get so much angle out of the turn, behind the boat, and see how the ski bends...you can almost hear the ski screaming ahhahah! 

Most of the passes are at 39 off, and great 32 off. Also there is a great 41 off of JB and I remember watching that perfect head wind in the slalom course, then looking back at JB in the water before pulling him out, and I knew, looking at his eyes he ll smoke that one out. That was the last year of JB's real training, when he still had some time left to train, as he became a full time Physiotherapist that year 2009, and since then he has to run his business, raise his lovely little girl Lili-Rose, and finishing building his house. Priority in life are changing at some points, but I'm happy to look back at some JB's footage, how a great technician he was! He's going to try to take some moments to ski back this year, anyways the technique is still within himself, he just needs to spend some time on the water and I'm totally looking for that to happen! He promised me several times, he'll never stop skiing before running 41 off in a tournament, I'm sure I can remind him that ;) !

Sacha after a struggling year in 2011, an injury in 2012, has just started the season back, determined to get the high level he got once, and play with the big boys. Yesterday, we braved the cold and the rain, yep the elements here in Europe are just getting crazy.., and Sacha had an awesome set! Look for him this season, Coco, the dude from the mountains is back!

Now Sacha and JB are slaloming on the new 2013 Connelly Prophecy PVC core, and they just love it! The ski is faster, lighter, and still have that great difference with other brand, the ability to generate more angle behind the boat. If you havent tried the Prophecy yet, book with us at our facility in Seysses, near Toulouse, in France and we'll be happy to set up a ski for you. We also provide Connelly Clinics, we come to your place with the equipment. 

Enjoy the video, tell us what are your best moments in those 13 min edit.

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