Another video with some great exercises to get you ready for the ski season!

Hey everyone! Check out this new video where I show some really easy to do yet very effective core exercises to include in your gym workouts! This video shows two exercises that will help strengthen your core, your back, your glutes, and your shoulders all at once!! In this video I am doing a plank exercise with alternating leg movements to work shoulders, abs, back, and hip flexors all while making sure you stay balanced, and then I show an exercise that counters this by doing a bridge with alternating leg movements up. These two exercises together are great as they work counter-active so you do not strain your body too much, yet they both work all the key muscles that you use on the water! So check out the video, and next time you go to the gym try them out!!! I would suggest starting easy with three sets of 12 reps each and building up to more reps as you feel comfortable! Enjoy the workout and some ski with us this season!! For more info go to or follow us on Twitter @VinnysSkiSchool!! Cheers, Kate