Wakeye video english version

here you will find a video talking about the Wakeye device about its design, how to mount it and how to use it. Explanations from our Team member Garth Milich, who's also sponsored by Wakeye. After the Wakeye instructions you'll find a pass of Garth ripping with his Connelly's Prophecy 2013 PVC Core, using the Wakeye device.

Get your own device at www.wakeye.com they ship everywhere in the world, and seriously I have never seen anyone in the sports industry that responds that fast! Wherever in the world you are, all the way from new Zealand where the Wakeye is from, you'll get that pretty sick device in couple of days!


Feel free to ask us more questions at info@vincentsoubiron.com

Bring your skiing to the next level! get a Wakeye!