first two weeks back!!!!

Wow!! I can't believe how fast this summer is going!! Just yesterday someone asked me how long I've been at Vinny's Ski school and I answered "I only just got here, I was in the US before that." And then I realized... I didn't just get here, I've already been here for almost two weeks!! Guess time flies when having fun! ;) It's been so awesome the last two weeks! I've gotten back into my training rythm, skiing hard, eating right, and most importantly, skiing with the people I love!!! It was so nice to see everyone again!! I saw Claudi back, crazy Spanish dude, I saw Edo, the Italian stalion :), some of my own peeps, the Belgian crew!! and off course my favorite frogs!! Alice and Thomas and all the other frenchies at Vinny's lake. oh and Pierre, my favorite swiss-spanish?!?! I missed the whole team (and the coach off course), the atmosphere, all of it! It's so awesome to have all these skiers from all different nationalities just skiing and hanging out together! All training hard but having fun at the same time!!! These past two weeks have gone by super fast!!! And this weekend it's time to get serious! It's nationals weekend for all of us!! Basically, we all head back to our own country to kick some major butt!!
So this weekend wish us all luck as the whole team is competing all over Europe, and next week come ski with us at ski school!! we'll all be back at Vinny's Ski School!!
Cheers, K