Introduction of our new sponsor WAKEYE

We are happy to introduce you guys our new sponsor : Wakeye. This is the new coolest device that you need for your training ! Most of skiers or riders can't afford to ski or ride full time with a coach or at a ski school. The Wakeye will allow you to film your sets, analyze them or for example, this is how we work also, to dropbox us your videos and we will give you feedbacks on them! This device is one of the key to bring you to the next level! You want to edit a video of your sweetest moment in skiing or riding? fix your Iphone, Gopro, camcorder,.. on the Wakeye and get awesome footage !

This is how I use mine, for my slalomers who are skiing at 39 and 41 off, when the driving is important, I stick the Wakeye on the pylon, turn my video cam device is on, I wire the cam to a 20 in tv screen that sits on the passenger seat. This way I can focus more on my driving, and check the video out quickly when I drop off the skier, and see if I did miss something ! It works awesome! For tricks it s amazing too, you dont need to mess up with the trick release and timing your skiers sets at the same time! Put the Wakeye on, let it takes care of the filming, and you can time your runs as much as you want after skiing or during the set! So easy and so convenient! The Wakeye offers so many possibilities, and wether you are a beginner or a pro, from slalom skiing, wakeboarding, tricks, wake skate you'll have so many reasons to use it for! Even for your tournaments, get one for the the cam in the boat! It's a great product!

Here are the Specs provided from Wakeye, to tell you how good the quality of the product is :

The Wakeye weighs just 500 grams. We wanted a completely lightweight portable device that you could use it with ease. You can use it on your lake when you ski or take it with you when you ski with other people. Have your friends use their iPhones to record their sets, its that easy.

Precision CNC components : Never before has this degree of fit and finish been applied to a skiing camera mount. Take the frame, for instance. During manufacturing, each part is CNC machined from high grade carbon fibre and engineering plastic. Aluminium parts have been CNC and silver anodised for maximum protection. Look at the Wakeye and you can’t help but notice the exquisite finish of the product. Now you can see more of your skiing in clear, video detail. The new iPhone 5 widescreen lets you capture every ski run from buoy to bouy in stunning 1080p HD and improved video stabilization helps prevent shaky footage. You can even take still photos as you record, so you can capture moments that will allow you to analyse your technique.

Well, feel free to ask us more infos about that really cool device, we will be editing a video probably next week on our blog, a video tells more than any words sometimes ! :) Email us for more infos at or hit