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Reflection on training

Why train?  What is the perfect style, the ideal body position? Is there one?? Just when I thought the concept New school vs Old school was over, still the technique of the year emerges time and again, depending on which slalom super stars is winning at the moment. At least, it allowed some men skiers to discover the letter A on the ZeroOff, while some are still struggling with switching to 1 or 2-handed gate…?

Nietzsche once said “Taking pleasure in the originality of others without becoming a monkey can be the sign of a new culture.”

Avoiding the “monkey” syndrome of imitating someone else’s patterns can allow you to appropriate the technique to your needs and recreate the movements with your own conception.

Many skiers still try to adopt, copy and paste the style of others.  They watch videos of Smith, Parrish, Asher, to reproduce their smoothness, power, or fluidity, hoping that one day they will rip like them. But in vain they find out that it must have to do with something else!

Watch out! Model theory causes sclerosis; it inhibits the intrinsic capacity of the individual and limits it to the stereotype.

Imitation might allow you to improve to a certain point, but too often reveals to be a limiting factor, and prevents change to the best of you. You must be cultured of your discipline and the constraints it imposes; but you need to extract your individuality from the generality; remove the details to get to the essential.

The expert skier has found meaning in his venture, sorted through his knowledge to create his gesture. He does not imitate, he creates based on the experience of others.

I think some people who fail to take off in their discipline is not due to the lack of knowledge or skills, but to a certain mistrust to exploit them, as it requires fighting somehow against themselves. Only when they conquer this fear of confrontation the exceeding results is CREATION.

Consider your skiing in a holistic way, see the movement into the movement, get some height, a meta position to see things from a different perspective.

Find the meaning of your venture. Adapt yourself to your body structure, accept it, and don’t fight it. CREATE YOUR OWN TECHNIQUE!

Desiring something from someone can be exciting but seriously discovering your own self is even more fascinating. Here you are not learning from a how-to manual, you are writing one: YOURS! Use the theories of course, but then transcend them, otherwise you will conclude: reductive and final. State hypothesis and enjoy the technique that fits you, because it's yours, “because you're worth it” as a big cosmetic brand would say! J

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