Pierre Cesinski +35 Europe ranked #1 testing the new Connelly Prophecy

Here is a small video clip that we shot this winter in Florida at the best Central Florida's waterski site : the Swiss Ski School in Clermont.

Pierre Cesinski, who has a Personal Best of 2@41off (10,25m) is a Connelly Team skier. We couldnt wait to try the new Prophecy 2013 with the PVC core that we were looking for for couple years. Pierre loved it, and I also was pretty impressed on how the ski gained in speed, symmetry, and still have that Connelly particularity of building even more angle behind the boat. Moving to the PVC was a great move. The skis are even better than they were, skiers will love them! Come and try them out at our Connelly testing center, in Toulouse - France or book a Connelly clinics with us!

We tested the new Prophecy with Sacha Descuns also, that really loved the ski too, and I'll put on a video with Sacha soon, we are just waiting for the sun to show up once and for good here in Seysses - Toulouse in France! By the way, guys in Florida please share both the sun and the warmth, you have too much, we dont have any ahahahah! In exchange, i'll send you awesome delicatessen, bread, cheese and wine, that you dont have in your country, and we have a lot!! Deal ?! ;)

Ok back to the Prophecy, here below, the testimonial of Pierre Cesinski about his first try out. Watch the video we shot with a Gopro. Have a good week.


Pierre's testimonial:

"I had the opportunity to test the New Prophecy 2013 and have been really impressed. The first thing you immediately notice when you jump on it, is that the ski is fast, really fast. The brand new PVC core responds perfectly to my expectations. On another hand, you have under your feet all the ingredients which make a Connelly a great high end slalom ski. The ski is tracking extremely well, maintaining good direction through the wake. In the edge change the ski roll naturally under the feet allowing me to be early and wide on the next buoy. During the turn, the ski is particularly stable and forgiving. This is another important characteristic, allowing me to go to the end of the slalom course even after doing significant technical mistakes. Otherwise I was nicely surprise to discover that all those qualities was even more reenforced and tangible as the rope was getting shorter. If you have the opportunity to try the new Prophecy, don't miss it, give it a shot! It is a great skier expérience!" Pierre Cesinski