get ready for some more challenging exercises!!!

Hey everyone, check out this new video Vinny and I made!! This one has two exercises on it that are a bit more challenging then the ones before!! The principles remain the same, it's all about strength, core and balance!! Just like on the water ;) In this video I show a more advanced version of doing push ups by using the fitball for more balance and harder corework, and doing the exercises at slower speed to increase the strengthening part! seriously if you do even just a couple, you will totally feel it!! The second exercise is easier, but that way you can alternate between the two exercises without needing a real break!! Seriously, if you keep your posture right and respect the speeds, you are gonna have a great workout!! and it will be a huge help on the water in every event!!!! Summer is finally here so you can do these to warm up or include them in your workout!! BTW hope y'all like the blog picture!! it's one of my favorites from 2012 University worlds where Thomas Niola and I competed! two different countries, but we were skiing for the same team!! Come ski with Vincent Soubiron and his team!!! check out the website and follow us on twitter @VinnysSkiSchool Cheers!! Kate

école de ski nautique et de wakeboard sur le lac de seysses à cote de toulouse en haute garonne