Easy leg workout that you can do anywhere!!!!

Hey everyone, I have another video for you! This is a little leg exercise that most of you probably already know. LUNGES!!!! But I added some difficulty to the lunge by holding weights at the same time. This will work your legs, but also your shoulders, arms and core by holding the weights and making sure you do the exercise in a controlled and balanced way!! The cool thing about this exercise is that you can make it as hard or easy as you want! Make it harder by using heavier weights, make it easier by using lighter weights or no weights at all, and if you are just starting out, maybe don't go too low in your lunge. The main thing is to really do the exercise right as I explain in my video!! Oh and if you want to add a little more balancing difficulty, step back into the lunge instead of forward, or do the lunge blindfolded. All this will force you to really focus on your core and balance, two of the most important aspects of waterskiing!!!!!! So if you want to get your legs stronger in an easy way, check out the video and start working out!!!! You are going to feel the difference on the water for sure!!!! Oh and when you feel ready and in shape, then go to www.vincentsoubiron.com and book some ski time with us!!!! or look for us on twitter @VinnysSkiSchool See you soon on the water!!!! K