Awesome winter workouts tips to get ready for the new season!!

Hey everyone!! The season is right around the corner so Vinny and I decided to shoot some videos showing you guys some awesome exercises to get ready for the season!!! The videos show me doing the exercise and explaining the movements as I do them. The exercises are easy to do, and you don't need a lot of space to do them so it's perfect for when you don't feel like leaving the house. The exercises I'm showing in the videos focus on core strength and hip strength. I've always felt like we all put a lot of emphasis on abs when we work out off the water, but what about hip strength and flexibility?! What's key for us on the water is to have a strong core, but also to have strong hip flexors and good flexibility since our hip flexors are always working on the water. Every time we cross the wakes, regardless of the event we are in, we are relying on hip strength and hip flexibility... just my two cents ;) Anyways, I hope you guys truly enjoy the videos and hopefully they will help you prepare for the season!!! Here is one of them! See you on the water soon!! Cheers, Kate