Killer week at Vinny Ski School

Wow What a week!!! This week has probably been one of the busiest weeks of the summer!! And I think it was one of the most international weeks too!!! We had some South Africans come for the week, the Spanish were there, more Belgians than usual (at one point we were 5 Belgians!!), Nikos from Greece is back, Lebanon champ Adel was back from vacation, Garth from New Zealand arrived this week, Pierre came back to prepare for an upcoming slalom tournament, and although he lives is Spain, he still is Swiss, and then we had all the Frenchies that were there!!! That's a lot of different nationalities with a lot of different languages and cultures all together!!!But isn't that what makes ski school such a fun experience anyways!!! The weather was perfect all week long, which made the skiing even better! And we took advantage of the nice weather to shot some awesome images with Louis' GoPro! That definitely caused for some extra entertainment!!
Another highlight of the week was Cheech's (Alice) birthday!! She turned 22and we had to celebrate!! We had some foie gras, pizzas, and home-cooked deserts!!! Alice is the queen of baking so she spoiled us with cookies and homemade birthday cake! And off course, very important when celebrating a birthday... Champagne!!! (That definitely has to be one of the biggest perks of being in France, you can find awesome champagne in any supermarket!!)
So all by all an entertaining and other great week at Vinnys Ski School! The weekend is a bit slower, next week some last sets of practice and then it's off to Recetto, Italy!!! My favorite tournament of the season, Europeans!!!!!
oh and check out the photo!! It's Cheech in action during the filming sessions!! Sweet Shot!!