Use this cool balancing exercise to create core strength and body awareness

Hey everyone, check this video out!! It's an easy exercise that works a ton of muscles and is fun to do!! By sitting on your knees on the fit ball and throwing the medicine ball around at the same time you work out your core, your legs, your arms, and your balance!! This exercise really makes you focus on body awareness and body control while working strength at the same time. Body control and awareness is key when it comes to waterskiing!! Learning how to control your body movements by strengthening all those little muscles that connect to your big muscles will give you the right balance of strength and coordination that you need on the water!! Go ahead and try out the exercise!! Make sure do it in a big open space just in case you fall of the ball you don't want to see the fit ball or medicine ball flying into any of your furniture!!! But seriously, try the exercise, you will have fun with it I promise!!! Get in shape and come ski with us @VinnysSkiSchool in Seysses, only 10 minutes away from downtown Toulouse in the beautiful region of la Haute Garonne!!! come book time with us on the water!!!! Cheers, Kate