Connelly Carbon V 2013 are waiting for you to test !

Here we are!! 2013 Carbon V have just arrived and are ready for you to test and ski, included in your lessons prices at our ski school site in Seysses, Toulouse - France ! As every season you get the chance to have the best equipment on the market, from the season, in all the sizes, available for you ! As you know we are not only offering individualized coaching from beginners to the professionals, we also provide you the best equipment that fits you! Because a service must be first quality choice and this is what we always aiming for !

Here let us introduce you the 2013 Carbon V ! An amazing step in the waterski industry with this stick designed for the 55km/h (34mph) skiers. That ski has already proven his efficiency and you can see how good it is when you have a look at #1 ranked men +35 in Europe and # 11 in the World, from Switzerland.... mister Pierre Cesinski!! Feel free to ask him about that killer ski at Wether you are a slalom beginner or a 34 Mph skier rockstar, this is what you are looking for!!

Have a look at the specs down there and come and ride it ! you have the choice of 3 different sizes and we have the 3 of them! with the right size boots that comes with! We'll introduce you the new Talon : comfortable, performant, awesome support and no soap needed to put them on ! you'll be done with looking for the soap or getting unbelievable foot cramp! I can tell you it s a LUXE !!! we also have the Talon in every sizes! Come and check them out !!!

Carbon V Specs : The Carbon V is constructed with a light density polyurethane resin core and wrapped with 70% carbon making it one of the lightest skis out on the water. Six V-shaped steps allow for efficient water flow and increases speed. A narrow tail lets the ski sit deep in the water while the wide tip provides extra surface area to complete the turn.

The Carbon V is exactly what a tournament level competitor is looking for in a slalom ski.

CONSTRUCTION C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), carbon/fiberglass composite, Pre-preg Carbon Tech Top, closed cell polyurethane resin core, hand tuned Acrylam base

BINDING OPTION Stealth, Talon, Sidewinder, RTP SIZES 65" / 165 cm, 67" / 170 cm, 69" / 175 cm FIN Viper Fin System with aluminum foil