We had a blast during our winter training in Florida with the 3 Musketeers !

Benjamin Morel, Thomas Witczak and Nicolas Rousselot joined our Florida's clinics to get ready for the season 2019. A lot of work dialing the technique, testing skis and a lot of fun along the way :) 

Those 3 guys live their passion to the fullest and it makes your job an everyday pleasure. Keep an eye on those young already stars figuring in the Top 10 of the IWSF. 


Ambre Franc and Sacha Descuns, both long time Team Soubiron's members made magic at the Open Europeans championships in Greece.

Sacha took the Gold after a strong battle with Worlds champion Freddie Winter on a double run off, and scored an impressive 4@10.25 to take the win. The last French winning the Europeans was in the 90's with former champion Dimitri Gamsukoff, and fellow Sacha's former Team Soubiron teammate JB Faisy that took Silver in 2006. 

Benjamin Morel our rookie from 2017 who joined our team with a ranking list at that time of 2@12m(35off), just showed what hard work and dedication means with scoring 5@11.25m(38off) at his first competition in Nemours. Benjamin aka Beno went from a National ranking list placed #8 in France to #6 in the world! We are so proud of him and grateful he joined our team to reach the best version of himself. More results to come and to fellow this young fella :)