April 2013

Wakeye video english version

here you will find a video talking about the Wakeye device about its design, how to mount it and how to use it. Explanations from our Team member Garth Milich, who's also sponsored by Wakeye. After the Wakeye instructions you'll find a pass of Garth ripping with his Connelly's Prophecy 2013 PVC Core, using the Wakeye device.

We are happy to introduce you guys our new sponsor : Wakeye. This is the new coolest device that you need for your training ! Most of skiers or riders can't afford to ski or ride full time with a coach or at a ski school. The Wakeye will allow you to film your sets, analyze them or for example, this is how we work also, to dropbox us your videos and we will give you feedbacks on them! This device is one of the key to bring you to the next level! You want to edit a video of your sweetest moment in skiing or riding?

Tout est enfin prêt ! le slalom est en place, ce dernier avait disparu sous l'eau qui a augmenté de plus d'1m30 pendant l'hiver! Ce qui est top puisque nous manquions d'eau l'an passé. Cette année on fait le plein pour la saison :) ! Les bateaux sont à l'eau, le matériel est là à votre disposition! L'eau s'est bien réchauffée et vous n'aurez besoin que d'une légère shorty pour les frileux! Le calendrier des stages se remplit vite, pensez à réserver vos stages avant que tout ne soit full!

Here we are!! 2013 Carbon V have just arrived and are ready for you to test and ski, included in your lessons prices at our ski school site in Seysses, Toulouse - France ! As every season you get the chance to have the best equipment on the market, from the season, in all the sizes, available for you ! As you know we are not only offering individualized coaching from beginners to the professionals, we also provide you the best equipment that fits you! Because a service must be first quality choice and this is what we always aiming for !