July 2012


I just got back from my nationals this weekend and starting training hard already for Europeans coming up in a couple of weeks!! Nationals was a success to say the least! Got 4 gold medals, tricks, slalom, jump, and overall!! It was nice to go home for the weekend and see everyone again!!! That's the one thing about nationals!! You don't go for amazing skiing conditions and even less for the nice weather (cause there never is nice weather) but you go for the people!!

first two weeks back!!!!

Wow!! I can't believe how fast this summer is going!! Just yesterday someone asked me how long I've been at Vinny's Ski school and I answered "I only just got here, I was in the US before that." And then I realized... I didn't just get here, I've already been here for almost two weeks!! Guess time flies when having fun! ;) It's been so awesome the last two weeks! I've gotten back into my training rythm, skiing hard, eating right, and most importantly, skiing with the people I love!!! It was so nice to see everyone again!!