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As promised, here are a few more advanced variations of core exercises we have covered in previous blogs. First thing to remember with every exercise is BREATHE! With core exercises, it's all about 'how' you are using your core. Don't rush in to some of these exercises before you can do the basic variation every day with good, controlled technique. Remember to breathe, and mix it up! Try to vary the speed of each exercise without ever losing your control of the movement. Also, vary the rotation of each exercise.

Put each exercise in a different order every time you work out!

Garth new exercise video

Here is another video of our New Zealand's skier Garth Milicich, showing more basics core exercises.Those tips will help you in slalom, tricks or any events towed by a boat. We have made a series of videos that are now available, and the following ones are advanced ;) !

enjoy those exercises and meet us at Vincent Soubiron ski school, in Seysses near Toulouse in France.